Top Five Creepy Things My Son Said To Me – Halloween Special


Wow! This is actually a lot cooler than the typical mom tendency to tell embarrassing stories about her kid. It will probably be equally effective at scaring off his future girlfriends though!


Ah Kids, they say the darndest things! Like that entire year of my son’s life between ages two and three when he kept staring at the little space between the closet and the wall in his room and referring to it as Harrison. Harrison was his friend, who is right there, mama!

*Raising his finger and pointing to the SAME darndest spot every single darndest time*


With his finger pointing up to that dark corner he would cheerfully encourage me to say hi to his friend, while I was screaming and running away on the inside. And it didn’t matter that I knew full well that my son had a super vivid imagination or that an older boy my son looked up to by the name of Harrison used to attend his daycare and that creepy Harrison appeared very shortly after he graduated or even the fact that Harrison had…

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