I just wrote a couple of pretty good paragraphs – NaNoWriMo Day 18


59 pages and 30,000+ words into National Novel Writing Month and I just churned out a couple of paragraphs that I’m a little bit proud of.  They’re rough and will need a lot of work when I look back at the big picture after the NaNoWriMo dust settles, but for right now, they came out just how I wanted!  

Set up:  A cowardly man (Greg) hiding in a convenience store denies refuge to three ragged survivors fleeing a large horde of zombies.  At the last possible second, the survivors find a ladder onto the roof of the store and escape certain death.  Now, the store’s front window is on the verge of shattering.  This chapter is being told from Marilyn’s perspective.  She has persuaded the survivors on the roof to let her, Greg, and Patrick (an especially drunken drunk) join them.  When she brings the good news back to Greg, he refuses to join her.  


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