Strange Encounters with the Strangest Strangers


Facebook friends will find this post a bit familiar, but I got a like or two on it so I wanted to share with the WordPress crowd.

My beautiful brindle dog has only increased my magnetic effect on quirky strangers. On a long walk, Magic and I pulled off of the bike path to let a woman in a motorized wheelchair pass. This was necessary because he is a dog and so he has absolutely no idea what to do with the fact that motorized wheelchairs exist and that people ride in them, thus making this woman appear like some sort of cyborg centaur that was stalking us on our walk. Seriously, he wouldn’t stop looking over his shoulder to track her pursuit of us.

Of course when she caught up with us, she had to stop and talk to me. According to this lady, my adopted mystery mutt Heinz 57 is “Part Pit, Part Shepherd, Part Dingo, and Part Wolf.” This diagnosis accounts for his brindle coat, large ears, and something about the color of his eyes makes him Part Dingo/Part Wolf – though he was allegedly found in Georgia Animal Control and I’m fairly certain that the dingo population in The Peach State are confined exclusively to zoos and people’s imaginations. But this woman knows her stuff because she volunteers for SPCA and was born on a reservation and has two wolves at home.

Then, she wanted me to bring my terrified best friend closer to her mechanized mount for closer inspection. I halfway tried to politely oblige, but Magic dug his heels in and I soon found myself scrambling to come up with a genial way of saying: “Dog isn’t about your Hoverround, ma’am.” Luckily, she caught Magic’s meaning and dismounted her whip to introduce herself. This only further baffled my dog, who before today has never ever in his entire life met a human being that he didn’t assume wanted to be his best friend.

At this point I was trying to wrap up the encounter, which probably didn’t do much to relax Magic. The problem was that I was cornered. If we walked away, she would resume stalking us on her Jazzy (to the dog’s tremendous dismay). She had to be the one to drive off into the sunset in order for us to conclude our walk. Magic tentatively sniffed her hand and let her pet his head for a couple seconds, which thankfully was enough for her to climb back aboard her wheels and go about her business (whatever that may be for someone driving their wheelchair on a bike path).

Why do these people always find me?”

6 thoughts on “Strange Encounters with the Strangest Strangers

  1. Come on now, Brantley. You know you exude that style of personality. The stranger sees you and think: “OOOO, he [that is you] looks interesting to talk to and maybe spare a few (sometimes awkward, maybe insightful) minutes of pure strangeness.

    Or, it could be the water.

    Hahaha, nevertheless, fun read.

    • Every time something like this happens to me, I walk away wondering “What is it about me that looks so approachable?” Then I remember the times when religious fanatics have chosen me, out of dozens of people around me, to come up to with their pamphlets.

      I suppose I look simultaneously approachable and heretical…

      • Perhaps this type of look will have positive outcomes for you in the future – no matter the awkward level. Just read another article of similar subject.

        It is the friendly factor. Many want it, few possess it.

        EMBRACE your approach-ability spirit, via the land where dreams come true.

    • It never occurred to me that some of these bizarre people that flock to me could be aliens, but it certainly would explain a lot!

      Now I’m going to rethink every encounter similar to this one that I’ve ever had. Thanks for inspiring a conspiracy theory!

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