Dear woman that found a 15 minute wait to be “unacceptable,”


Dear woman that found a 15 minute wait to be “unacceptable,”

I was unsure of whether to laugh or frown at your overreaction.  I’m sorry that your blood sugar was low and that you had a long day, but after the way that you raided the chocolate covered mints at the host stand while you pouted, I’m certain you would have survived the next quarter hour without keeling over.

When you spat “I live locally,” you may never know the tidal wave of Brantley sarcasm that you so narrowly escaped.  “I’m sorry miss!  Why didn’t you say so!  Let’s just give the shaft to the 15,000 tourists in town for the convention, especially the ones that had the common sense to make a reservation.  I’m sure they will be completely understanding because you live in Orlando whereas they are just pesky invaders that came to spend money in our city.”

We’re a tourist economy.  If you think that anyone other than citrus farmers would be living in this muggy, landlocked chunk of Florida if not for Disney World, you are completely out of your mind.

I’m still angry that you got a table.  You acted like a child and should have been treated like one.  Throwing a tantrum over a 15-minute wait should have earned you a time out with your nose in the corner so that you could think about what you did.

In a Brantleytopian future, people like you will have to wear a scarlet letter so that all of society will know that you are rude and can treat you with the disdain, indifference, and discrimination that you deserve.

If you must be the portrait of despicable human behavior that you were yesterday, I suggest that you ask yourself, “Is the $7/hour motivation enough to keep this person I’m being rude to from head butting me?”

I couldn’t help but overhear you bragging to your business associates about how the hostess told you there was an hour wait and how you were able to force us to seat you immediately.  The man sitting across from you called us in advance to get on the waiting list and we told him 15 minutes as well, so that makes at least two people at that table who knew that you are full of it.

The most impactful thing you may ever do in your life is to piss people off, because yesterday you taught me something:

First impressions are powerful, 

but only impressions are absolute.

I hope I never see you again, but if I do, I just want you to remember that the only thing I know about you is that you are a deplorable turd of a human being.


Maybe you should think about the perceptions you give those that you treat with disrespect,

The Blonde Guy at the Front of the Restaurant

10 thoughts on “Dear woman that found a 15 minute wait to be “unacceptable,”

  1. underwaterraven

    People who are rude to people working in the service sector are just something else. I worked as a waitress ONE TIME and I quit after a few months because people were just utter twats. I just think there seems to be something about stepping into a restaurant/shop that makes people suddenly feel entitled to be dicks to whoever’s working there. In my current job in retail I’ve put up with a fair amount of shit for the past three years, but I can’t wait to leave. I feel your pain.

    I think if the Ten Commandments we re-worked for modern times, one of them would definitely be “Thou shalt not be rude to workplace employees”.

      • 15-20+%. In my world, everyone will be forced to work crappy jobs for 12 months so that people from all walks of life will know what it’s like on the other side of these rude exchanges

    • Totally! In a Brantleytopian society, the Ten Commandments will absolutely be amended! I gotta speak in broad generalizations for a minute though: British tourists are always really polite. It’s the Brazilians that come over to our country and assume that everyone is their servant!

      On a side note, I was walking around my restaurant cleaning tables and this gorgeous British girl waved me over. I went a little slack jawed to suddenly have such a pretty girl talking to me, so I may have missed the beginning of her question. All I heard was, “Toilets?”

      In America, we call it the “bathroom” or “restroom,” so my mind immediately conjured up the idea that she was asking for the location of the actual toilet (not the room that housed it). I pointed her in the right direction and all was well. It was just one of my more memorable encounters of the evening.

      • underwaterraven

        It always make me proud to hear about British people being polite because when you encounter British people on home turf they’re often really not polite. I think it stems from an innate fear of embarrassment to be honest. Like, when I was in Orlando I was at a restaurant and ordered and salad and what I received what literally a bowl of lettuce. But I was too embarrassed to say anything so I sat there and ate my bowl of lettuce.
        I think, for us, it’s just a sense that we don’t want to complain or embarrass ourselves in someone else’s country.
        And yeah, it was quite embarrassing to see the funny looks Americans gave me for saying “toilets” instead of “restroom”.

      • That certainly makes British people the polar opposites of Brazilians. Enormous Brazilian tour groups flood Disney World every year (it’s like an upper class cultural pilgrimage or right of passage for them or something). They all wear matching fluorescent colored shirts and clap and chant and blow whistles everywhere they go. It’s literally like the Grinch’s recounting of how obnoxious the Whos are with their new Christmas instruments. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid the worst of it, but my girlfriend deals with them frequently where she works!

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