Need Disney World Advice?


I’m probably not going to get around to writing up another juicy post for this week.  Sorry bout that!

Instead, I figured I would take this opportunity to share with you some of the fruits of my freelancing labors.  Below are links to blog posts that I wrote for a travel agency in the UK.  As an Orlando resident and a Disney World Annual Passholder, I’m greatly anticipating the influx of theme park savvy Brits that can attribute their efficiency to my writing!

Be warned that these are a bit dry (lacking of the Brantley trademark drunken debauchery and staggeringly bad decisions).

If you found this post through the Disney World tag, let the education/debate begin!

A Beginner’s Guide to Orlando’s Theme Parks

Top 10 Theme Parks in Orlando, FL

10 Tips on How To Enjoy Disney World Like an Annual Passholder

2 thoughts on “Need Disney World Advice?

  1. underwaterraven

    I’m proud to say that I went on almost every ride at both Universal and Disney in Orlando and I was a typical Brit about the trip, i.e. I was constantly complaining about how hot it was and constantly remarking at the sheer wonder that is a Twinkie. (I mean seriously, what’s that even about?). (Also, corn dogs?????).

    • That’s quite the achievement!

      I run half and full marathons at Disney each year and even though the races are always in fall and winter, non-Floridians still have trouble with the heat and humidity.

      Twinkies are awesome, but not exactly one of a kind. We have tons of low-quality high-deliciousness snack cake varieties here! Corn dogs are great, but also a not-so-healthy thing to enjoy like crazy. And people wonder why so many Americans are fat!

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