The Apocalypse is so Overdone.


A writer’s reaction to an article stating that agents are looking for the next trend in YA books – (read:  ‘Post-post-apocalyptic fare’)

Zombies, Vampires, and Katniss Everdeen, Oh My!.

Regardless of which genre is ripe for explosion in the minds of adolescents, I would be willing to bet that the film-adaptation-ready franchise will be the mainstay.  In their comic book movie fueled success with adapted work, Hollywood’s conservative business instincts have been thrust into the open air.  Everything is now an adaptation or a sequel.  Marvel is even making what will be a very expensive movie featuring a character that is an anthropomorphized raccoon (which feels a lot like scraping bottom to me).  Books and comic books will soon become film-fetuses (if the Hollywood suits have their ways at least)

In college, my favorite screenwriting teacher told us that zombie movies are always a metaphor for some deeper concern in society.  They originated during the Cold War, where we faced the fall out of living with nuclear weapons and their aftermath and they recently enjoyed a resurgence with post-9/11 fears of chemical warfare.

As our country has been forced to take a good hard look at some of the measures we took to fight terrorism in the last decade, post-apocalyptic stories have taken hold of the public conscience as a way of exploring whether or not we have put ourselves on the path to ruin.

In a post-post-apocalyptic trends in fiction, I wonder what fascination we will brood on next.

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