Question for Marathoners


Now that the dust has settled from the Disney Marathon, I’m starting to look forward and plan some more races for this year. I did improve my time, but I didn’t quite reach my goals and overall, I feel like I could have been faster on race day.

Marathoners, this is my situation: My legs felt tired on the day of the marathon. They first started feeling heavy during miles 8-10. I was definitely tired around miles 13-14 and by the time I hit one of those epic climbs on a highway overpass at mile 16, I had to start walking a little bit, running a little bit for the rest of the race.

Nutrition-wise, I felt great. I didn’t get muscle cramps from dehydration. I didn’t hit the wall. I ate and drank everything they handed us and didn’t suffer any nausea or cramps from overdoing it.

Cardio-wise, I felt perfect. My heart rate and breathing were comfortable. If not for the muscle fatigue, I think I could have kept running forever and ever (like that montage in Forest Gump).

Knowing what I did right, it’s difficult for me to understand what I did wrong for my legs to feel so heavy that early into the race.

Any ideas?